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02/28/2019 Stock Chat with Kirt Christensen

In order to download click on the link below, once on the video page you will right click on the video then hit "download" to save to your files.

Stock Chat - Thursday 02/28/19


After the webinar Kirt made an amazing offer.


Kirt says..


I'm Putting My "Money Where My Mouth Is" On This...


...And Take The Majority of the Risk, By Giving You an Iron-Clad, 2 Part Performance Guarantee:


Iron-Clad, 2 Part Performance Guarantee:


Part 1: Go through the entire training, start trading "live" or in "demo mode", and if you don't LOVE IT, get a complete refund anytime within 90 days of ordering. Simply submit your trading log and we'll issue a prompt refund.


Part 2: Learn the system, and use it for a full 6 months, executing all the trades as they come up, and if you don't AT LEAST make the system investment ($997 for the 6 month option), in profit, I'll personally work with you FOR FREE until you do!


Either way, you love it, and make good money with it, or you hate it, you get your money back...


I don't think we can be much more fair than that!


Bonuses For the First 25 Signups:

#1 Donation in Your Name to #2 Two Day Live Workshop in Spokane, WA in the Fall of 2018


Call our secure voicemail line at (509) 720-7867 and leave a DETAILED message, with your full name & address, phone, email and credit card number (with expiration), along with a choice of which of the 2 packages you'd like ($997 or $2,997) and we'll return your call ASAP to confirm & process your order, and answer any questions!


OR online at:

ETFTippingPoint - 6 Month Access

ETFTippingPoint - 3 years access



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