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Stock Market Advice - What Is It Worth?

Stock market advice is available all over the Internet. Stock market advice is supposedly the mainstay of the major brokerage firms. Everybody has the ability to provide stock market advice. And, unfortunately, everybody will listen to everyone else's stock market advice. The reason most people will follow somebody that is providing stock market advice is because their recent track record has been relatively good. However, when their analysis starts to go sour, their followers have no framework for figuring where to go or what to do next.

Candlestick signals eliminate that problem. Knowing that the signals are formed by the cumulative knowledge of everybody buying or selling that trading entity provides a very easy confirmation system when analyzing somebody else's stock market advice. Even the best stocks in the world are going to have oscillating moves based on human emotions, taking profits, or exuberant buying. Being able to analyze the time to buy and the time to sell, based upon somebody else's stock market advice, allows the investor to greatly enhance returns and not be dependent solely on somebody else's recommendations.

The Candlestick signals have the probabilities already established in their formation. That is why we are looking at them today. Use this information to your advantage. This is not "fad" information. Candlestick signals are proven results from centuries of actual use. It is highly advised to utilize the information that is put on the 12 CD major signal video package. The major signals can be analyzed one at a time to get the full understanding of the psychology built into each signal. They come in a CD and DVD format. Learn the 12 major signals and you will not ever feel dependency on others stock market advice.

Market Direction - Understanding how the major signals perform allowed us to project that the bottom was relatively close over the past few days. Notice in the Dow chart from last week showed a Doji and an Inverted Hammer followed by positive trading. This gave the indication that a bottom was getting close. The 200-day moving average would have been a more convincing target. This week we see a Bearish Engulfing signal. Whenever you see a Bearish Engulfing signal in an oversold condition, start looking for a Candlestick buy signal. That Bearish Engulfing signal represents the last gasp selling at the bottom. Conversely, a Bullish Engulfing signal at the top illustrates the last gasp buying.

Wednesday's Bullish Engulfing signal after the Bearish Engulfing signal starts producing more evidence that the bottom is here. The probabilities are extremely high that the buying should continue, despite the pullback today. It would not even be unexpected to see another day of consolidation, where the NASDAQ tests the 200-day moving average before moving higher.



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