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Hot Stocks in Today's Market

The stock market has been on a record-setting run. The historic success of the stock market has not blessed every industry or every company. Yet even in the industries which have not cashed in on this bull run, there are companies which have found the formula for success and been able to produce top performing "hot stocks". In sectors such as technology, health care and travel which have not been able to keep pace with the market and have lagged behind, there are still hot stocks in the companies that have been able to shine.

In real estate, an agent will advise you to buy the worst house in the best neighborhood, not the best house in the worst neighborhood. Well, your broker's best stock market investing advice may tell you exactly the opposite. Although care should be taken since these stocks don’t have the protection of an advancing sector, you might still be advised to buy one of these top performing hot stocks:

While the overall performance of the Internet sector has been choppy at best; one of the better hot stocks is ValueClick. This company is one of the largest Internet “ad-networks”; it is a company that connects marketers with web sites where they can advertise. This company stands to gain from recent acquisitions and has one of the best diversified online marketing services, according to some experts. Such a company looks to be a top performing stock and could become an excellent purchase for successful traders.

Alaska Air
With the traditional high operating costs labor struggles have plagued the airline industry; Alaska Air has been able to fly out of the post-9/11 downturn of the airline industry. Plunging gas prices have provided some relief for airlines recently, but the industry has a way to go before catching up to the bull market. In this tough climate, Alaska Air (ALK), parent of Alaska Airlines and short-hop carrier Horizon Air, has outperformed many larger peers, climbing more than 100% since October, 2001, after the industry-wide, post-September 11 nosedive. This hot stock has been able to outperform many of its larger competitors such as United Airlines and Southwest Airlines, earning a buy rating from S&P, who thinks Alaska Air, will outperform many of its competitors. As fuel costs remain steady or even drop, it is possible that this airline will not only be a top stock performer, but will be profitable for those who make money investing in stock.

Another hot stock is in the health-care equipment company Stryker. This manufacturer of orthopedic implants is the medical equipment company with a “strong buy” rating from S&P. With margins increasing, it is likely that Stryker will be able to sustain double-digit earnings through 2008. Such a top performing stock can in turn be very profitable for those who practice stock trading.

Barrick Gold
Gold, typically a solid investment for successful traders, may have even safer investment options within due to the top performing stock of Barrick Gold. As gold prices have continued to rise, Barrick's has continued to grow through acquisitions, becoming the world’s largest gold-mining company. This company has a strong history of controlling costs and is a leader in quality and money management as well.

Like gold in the mines of Barrick, these top performing "hot stocks" are valuable nuggets among the stock market movers. Finding hot stocks such as these converts the "prospector" into a successful trader.


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