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Stock Market Investing With Candlestick Analysis

Stock market investing becomes extremely accurate when using Candlestick signals. The signals become the basis for when and if the markets have reached resistance or support levels. Stock market investing requires one main element. Which direction is the market moving! That information becomes much more evident when analyzing simple chart formations.

The key element for successful stock market investing is to have the portfolio positions in the direction of the overall trend. This may be a simplistic statement, but consider that most investors do not have a grasp for which way prices are moving. Stock market investing should not be a hit-or-miss operation. It should be putting as many probabilities as possible in the favor of an investor. Utilizing the information incorporated into the Candlestick signals creates a huge advantage. The major signals become crucial criteria for making successful trend analysis. Stock market investing should not involve ‘hoping' that the stock purchases will move in the direction anticipated. Every time a position is put in place, it should be done because the probabilities were in favor of a profitable trade.

Market Direction - Successful stock market investing can be accomplished by aligning a very few indicators. The signals become the forefront for predicting reversals. The conditions of stochastics add credence to what the major signals are indicating. Adding other technical indicators such as moving averages or trend-lines makes the evaluation of reversal signals that much easier to interpret.

The Dow chart illustrates all those elements. Once the eye recognizes conditions where a reversal may occur, the analysis of which direction a portfolio should be positioned will become much easier. As illustrated in the Dow chart, the bottoming formations, Bullish Engulfing signals, in the last week of August, coincided with stochastics being in the oversold condition. Also, a trend line could be drawn up through the recent bottoms. This produced the opportunity and the confidence to enter trades that were showing good bullish Candlestick signals.

This week the Dow reached the recent tops at the 10,700 level. Stochastics were just coming into the overbought condition. A Doji formed right at that level. This provided a very simple analysis. One rule of thumb is that a trend will usually move in the direction of how prices open following a Doji. That made for a very easy analysis for Tuesday's strategy. Had prices open higher and continued through the 10,700 level, it would be obvious that level was not a resistance any more and the uptrend would continue. A weaker open, as we saw, revealed that the day of indecision, the Doji, was now being confirmed and that the sellers had taken over.

The close of Tuesday, at the lower end of the last bullish candle, formed an Evening Star signal with stochastics turning over. This becomes clear evidence that the 10,700 level has once again acted as resistance. That was the time to start taking profits. Wednesday's trading brought the Dow right to the 200 day moving average. Is this a full-scale reversal or a profit-taking pullback? That will be better answered upon seeing whether the 200 day moving average acts as support. If it doesn't, the next target becomes the obvious trend line.

The portfolio positions should have implemented taking profits on chart patterns that were indicating ‘sell' signals at the top of their trends upon seeing the Evening Star signal forming. Adding some short positions in the past couple of days was suggested. Will this market pull back enough to make the short positions worthwhile? That is not known yet, but the evidence indicates more selling. That could be for two more days or two more weeks. Having short positions in place will take advantage of a sell-off no matter how long or short. If the markets support at the moving averages, probabilities dictate that the short positions should still work while long positions are also performing. Worse case scenario, if the market turns around, bouncing off of the 200 day moving average, the short positions can be covered immediately.

Currently, the stochastics indicate more downside movement. The moving averages could act as a congestion area. When a trend has indicators that could be conflicting, being long in some positions and being short in some positions should still produce net profits each day for a portfolio.

( Sankawa Yoi No Myojyo )


The Evening Star pattern is a top reversal signal. It is exactly the opposite of the Morning Star signal. Like the planet Venice , the evening star, it foretells that darkness is about to set or that prices are going to go lower. It is formed after an obvious uptrend. It is made by a long white body occurring at the end of an uptrend., usually when the confidence has finally built up. The following day gaps up, yet the trading range remains small for the day. Again, this is the star of the formation. The third day is a black candle day and represents the fact that the bears have now seized control. That candle should consist of a closing that is at least halfway down the white candle of two days prior. The optimal Evening Star signal would have a gap before and after the star day.


  1. The uptrend has been apparent.
  2. The body of the first candle is white, continuing the current trend. The second candle is an indecision formation.
  3. The third day shows evidence that the bears have stepped in. That candle should close at least halfway down the white candle.

Signal Enhancements

  1. The longer the white candle and the black candle, the more forceful the reversal.
  2. The more indecision that the star day illustrates, the better probabilities that a reversal will occur.
  3. A gap between the first day and the second day adds to the probability that a reversal is occurring.
  4. A gap before and after the star day is even more desirable. The magnitude, that the third day comes down into the white candle of the first day, indicates the strength of the reversal.

Pattern Psychology

A strong uptrend has been in effect. The buyers can't imagine anything going wrong, they are piling in. However, it has now reached the prices where sellers start taking profits or think the price is fairly valued. The next day all the buying is being met with the selling, causing for a small trading range. The bulls get concerned and the bears start taking over. The third day is a large sell off day. If there is big volume during these days, it shows that the ownership has dramatically changed hands. The change of direction is immediately seen in the color of the bodies.

Morning Star and Evening Star Signal Descriptions


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