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Profitable Stock Investment

Investing in the stock market can be a frustrating experience. The whole adventure can seem like you are shooting at moving targets, ones that seem to know your every thought. For many people, the reason this occurs is because they arenít prepared for successful stock investment and the stock market seems to have a way to eat up the unprepared. Being prepared can be a good source of protection. The effort occurs both before, and after you start entering into trades. Letís take a few minutes to talk about how you can experience more profitable stock investment.

Getting Ready For Your Stock Investment
Since there are things that you need to do both before and after you begin to trade stocks, we will break up the discussion that way. The upfront work will make you ready for stock investment and your later actions will improve the quality of your trades. By combining them both, you will have a stock investment strategy that will work for you.

What To Do Before A Stock Investment
The effort you put in before you start making trades can be called your due diligence and it is made up of two parts: developing a trading plan and doing research. If you have read the past blogs, you know that a trading plan is very important. This is where you define how you are going to trade and how your stock investment strategy will reflect that plan. Investment approach, future goals and rules for making trades and stop loss strategies should all be defined here. This is like an objective statement for a business so it should be precise and thorough.

The second thing to do before you start trading is research. How well you study a companyís position before you buy is probably the main determiner of your stock investment success. Fundamental analysis is uncovering a companyís health based on available information; technical analysis is understanding the health of a companyís stock based on its reputation in the stock market. Combining these two forms of research will give you a solid feel for the overall stability of a company and how other investors in the market see it. Unless your stock investment strategy is value investing, you want to find a healthy company that has stock with reasonable growth potential and buy that.

What To Do After A Stock Investment
Research before making a stock investment is what leads to successful trading. Research done after a stock investment determines how successful that trade will be. Realize that in the stock market, there is no sure thing. Winning stocks can become losers and rising stocks can fall. If you perform research on your portfolio, you will be able to understand what is happening and make daily decisions on whether you need to make changes to your holdings. While analysis is still important at this point, you need to start charting your stock investments to be sure of their performance.

The best way to do stock charting is using Japanese Candlesticks. This ancient method of charting is the basis of a trading system that can help you maximize the profits of your stock investments. Candlesticks uses past and present information to help investors determine future movements. This system is very good at creating profitable stock investment because it can help you read not only the facts, but the emotions of the stock market. If you know how other investors feel about a stock, you know what they are likely to do concerning that stock. The Japanese Candlestick method can help you see investorsí emotions.


Successful traders donít happen; they create themselves with their actions. Being prepared for stock investment is the single most important thing you can do to increase your chances of profitable stock investment, whether analyzing an earnings estimate or Candlestick charts.


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