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Investment Advisors – Get the Best Advice and Return on Your Investments

Investment advisors are professional firms or individuals that advise clients on investment matters. They typically receive compensation for providing advice on investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and they may manage portfolios of securities. They can fall into two categories including those investment advisors who offer direct financial advice to individuals or businesses, or those advisors that offer asset management and asset protection typically for corporate clients, hedge funds, and mutual funds. Investment advisors are also know as “financial advisors” and also include pension fund managers, mutual fund managers, trust fund managers, partnerships, individuals, and corporations.  Stock brokers do not fall under this same title since they are normally not registered advisors. Advisors who have sufficient assets to be registered with the SEC are known as a Registered Investment Advisors (RIA). They are prohibited from distributing advice known to be deceitful or fraudulent.

Why utilize investment advisors?
Many investors are intelligent individuals who are well-versed in the market, educated, and have achieved success in their professional lives. Unfortunately, many have a hard time with their investment timing and do not know the best way to achieve a successful return on investment. In addition, a lot of investors allow factors such as the media and greed and fear, to determine how they are investing money. Investment advisors can assist with those investors who want to learn how to invest wisely and get the best returns on their investments. Many investors also hire investment advisors because there are very limited conflicts of interest between the advisor and their clients. This is due to the fact that the advisor will only earn more if the client’s asset base grown as a result of recommendations and securities made by the advisor.

How are investment advisors compensated?
They are generally paid in any of the following ways:

1) Fixed fee
2) Hourly fee for time spent working with client
3) Commission on the securities they sell
4) Percentage of the value of the assets they manage for their client
5) Combination of any of the above

What services do investment advisors provide?
Before you decide to hire a financial advisor to assist you in investing your money, it is very important that you are clear on the kinds of services available to you. You also must know of possible restrictions for what your advisor can recommend, exactly what services you will pay for, the cost of those services, and of course how the firm’s investment advisors are compensated for those services. The majority of their time is spent researching, deliberating, and analyzing the open market.  It makes sense that investment advisors would have a better notion for the market as well as market movements, since they spend so much time doing this. Investment advisors do mostly all of the legal work required including the research and analysis mentioned above. Their primary focus is again kept on the market, and in the area that they specialize in, whether it is mutual fund investing, stocks and bonds, hedge fund investing, etc.

Investment advisors come from many different educational and professional backgrounds. Before you decide to hire an advisor, please be sure that you ask about their background and credentials. Then take it a step further and find out what organization issued the credential, what it means, and call the organization to confirm. You can find out through calling the organization whether or not the advisor remains in good standing with the organization. Doing these things will lead to better investing and will allow you sleep better at night knowing your potential retirement investment is in good hands.


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