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Investment Opportunities

Investment Opportunities in the Stock Market

Investment opportunities are abundant when learning to invest in the stock market. There are many different types of trading methods as well as many different things that an investor is able to trade.  This article reviews forex trading, penny stocks, and commodities, as a few of the many investment opportunities available to investors. This article will also briefly touch on mutual fund investing as well as hedge fund investing.

Forex Trading
Forex trading, also known as fx trading, is the trading of international currencies on the forex markets. It is also referred to as forex currency trading and is the most liquid of all of the markets. The purpose of this type of trading is to obtain profit as result of the purchase and selling of foreign currencies. Forex investors utilize the methods of fundamental and/or technical analysis to trade forex. This type of currency trading in the largest exchange in the world and the amount of dollars traded on the forex exchange is in the trillions. It is considered to be less volatile than the stock market, because it is highly unlikely for the value of a single currency to move much through the course of a trading day, unlike stocks.

Penny Stocks
Penny stock investing is one of the investment opportunities available and it refers to a business’s aggregate value of its outstanding common shares more, otherwise known as its market capitalization. Penny stocks are priced as less than $5.00 per share and they are quite complicated to trade. They are used by struggling companies or new up-and-coming companies trying to get listed on one of the major stock exchanges. They are also referred to as “micro-cap stocks” and “nano stocks” and they are traded in the Over-The–Counter markets (OTC).

Commodity trading consists of investors who buy and sell futures contracts, rather than directly trading commodities. The ability to trade commodities, such as gold, coffee, live cattle, corn, and natural gas, provide many investment opportunities to traders dealing in commodities. Also known as futures trading, the investors must trade on a specific exchange depending on the type of commodity being traded.  When you trade commodities you don’t really trade anything physically, but instead the investors must speculate on the future direction of the price of a particular commodity.

Mutual Fund Investing
Investing in mutual funds is a great way for new investors to invest their money because they can invest small amounts at regular intervals with no trading costs. There are different types of mutual funds ranging from blue chip funds, mid cap fund, small cap funds, and many more. They are also categorized by the way they yield returns to investors. This includes funds that can be fixed income, global, growth, mixed equity, sector, and core. The investment opportunities produced by mutual funds are never ending.

Hedge Fund Investing
A hedge fund is a managed pool of capital for wealthy individual investors or institutions that employ one of the various trading strategies in bonds, equities, or derivates. It attempts to gain from market inefficiencies and to some extent hedge underlying risks using fundamental and technical analysis. They are loosely regulated and are often much less transparent than traditional investment funds. They typically have minimum investment periods, and they charge a fee based on both the performance and the funds under management.

This article provides a quick overview of the different investment opportunities available to the knowledgeable investor. It is also important for every investor to diversify his or her investment portfolio by learning methods such as asset allocation and asset protection.  Be sure that you complete the required research and training before you partake on any new investments so that you are successful in generating a healthy income. Good luck!


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