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Free stock picks candlestick signals provide a constant supply

Free stock picks every day with candlestick signals.

Many investors search the Internet every day for free stock picks. This is a very unproductive practice. Finding free stock picks is like kissing your sister. It helps the situation right now but it is not going to get you anywhere in the long run. The best source of free stock picks  is being able to do your own candlestick signals scans. Once an investor learns and understands the  ramifications of the 12 major candlestick signals, they will have more free stock picks then can be utilized by most investors.

Searching for free stock picks does not provide a viable trading program. One source of free stock picks may have a completely different reason for entering positions than another source for free stock picks. If these positions do not perform as expected, there will be no game plan for when to enter the trades or  when to exit the trades. The candlestick signals have a well-defined set of parameters for when to get into a trade and to exit a trade. It is not only important to identify stock positions that have a probability of producing profits, but there needs to be an analysis for when to get out of a trade. Candlestick signals can be used as the building block for any investment program. If using free stock picks as a source for a viable trade, then applying candlestick signals to those price charts provides a huge advantage. The signals can illustrate the times to be entering and exiting those stock positions.

More importantly, an investor's trading program should have a set of parameters that can be utilized continuously. The candlestick signals have provided very strong evidence through the centuries that they indicate where investor sentiment is reversing the trend. The 12 major signals will occur frequently enough to make them worthwhile indicators that can be utilized during any time frame. Whether intraday trading, using the one-minute, five-minute, and fifteen-minute chart combination, or investing longer-term using the daily/weekly/monthly chart combinations, the major signals will occur consistently at the trend reversals. Once signal scans are programmed into your charting software, viable reversal signals can be found every single day. The process for scanning 9900 trading entities each afternoon and finding the best trade potentials for the next day will take less than 15 minutes. On good days, 20, 30, or possibly 40 trade excellent possibilities will appear. On bad days, at least two or three excellent trade possibilities will occur. This now becomes your best source of free stock picks for finding the best stock picks. Your own source of picks  provides the format for analyzing why they should work and what would dictate coming back out of those trades.

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