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Stock trading course simplified with candlestick signals

 The Ultimate Stock Trading Course - learning candlestick signals

The most powerful stock trading course is one where the investor can utilize it in any market condition. Learning the 12 major candlestick signals is the only stock trading course an investor will ever require. Why are the 12 major signals so compelling? Because they have been utilized successfully for hundreds of years. A viable stock trading course should include investment techniques that are proven successful. Candlestick signals are not only the oldest and most proven technical indicators known in the investment arena; they also convey very important investment common sense. What should be the most prominent feature of a stock trading course? The simplicity of its use! Candlestick signals illustrate the potential of price trends much easier when the investor understands the investor sentiment that created the signal.

The major flaw of many a stock trading course is understanding 'why' it works. Candlestick reversal signals are visually easy to recognize. Of the 50 or 60 candlestick signals available, an investor really only needs to learn the 12 major signals. Learning the investor psychology that creates the signals provides an investor with valuable insights that can be used for the rest of their life. A stock trading course should not involve learning unknown investment 'secrets.' A stock trading course should not involve having to learn sophisticated formulas. A stock trading course should not take years of experience to become proficient. A successful stock trading course should be easy to use and produce information that can be utilized for all market conditions.

Candlestick analysis, when learned correctly, becomes a very powerful tool for evaluating price trends. Once the information,  conveyed from the signals, is understood, the analysis of when to get into a position and when to get out of a position becomes a very easy process. The candlestick signals are a high probability trading technique. Whether trading intraday or long-term, whether trading S&P futures, commodities, bonds, stocks, or tulip bulbs, the candlestick signals clearly indicates what investor sentiment is doing in a price trend.

The Candlestick Forum provides private training for those investors that want a comprehensive stock trading course. The private training sessions with Stephen Bigalow will completely alter your investment perceptions. Students that have taken the private training sessions come away with one compelling fact. Understanding how to utilize the candlestick signals is very easy and it makes understanding price movements a very logical process. This is not rocket science. For those that have been inquiring about the private training sessions, the March session is now filled. However, those interested in participating in a private training session in April should e-mail inquiries to Do not miss an opportunity to gain a whole new perspective on how to invest successfully. There is no hype, there are no exaggerated promises. Spending a full weekend learning all the nuances of the 12 major signals and how they work successfully will dramatically change how an investor perceives making profits in the markets.


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