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Internet stock trading made easy with candlestick signals


Internet stock trading provides huge advantages to today's investors. Internet stock trading has opened  doors that were not available  a decade ago. The amount of fundamental research and technical charting services has exploded over the past 10 years. Internet stock trading has allowed millions of investors to use their own intellectual abilities to make money. The dependency upon the so-called professional investment person has diminished dramatically. Internet stock trading permits an investor to use a multitude of investment techniques. Computer technology has produced instant analytical information that was not previously available to the average investor several years ago.

Candlestick analysis becomes greatly enhanced when being able to apply numerous investment indicators to a chart. Internet stock trading incorporates the ability to pull technical indicators from many sources and test them. The great benefit of candlestick signals is that they have been tested and proven effective for a number of centuries. Being able to add other technical analysis to a candlestick chart dramatically enhances return capabilities. Applying technical indicators and being able to view chart patterns on a constantly updated basis allows the candlestick investor to evaluate and anticipate investment patterns developing. When using candlestick signals, Internet stock trading becomes an easier process for profitable trading.

Candlestick signals and candlestick patterns permit an investor to identify where and when money is coming into or out of a position. Internet stock trading utilizes that information instantaneously. Understanding what each individual candlestick signal reveals plus seeing those signals occurring in a recognized  price pattern allows for a very profitable trading format. Wouldn't you like to be able to put your funds into an investment situation knowing that the probabilities were in your favor ? Additionally, knowing what targets are likely? And, what should happen at those targets? Candlestick signals reveal  this information to investors and illustrate a stock trading  program for when to be in and when not to be in.

As illustrated in the BWNG chart, the set up for the Jay-hook pattern was becoming obvious. Having the knowledge of what a J-hook pattern should look like and understanding  the results of those patterns, dramatically increases the probabilities of the being in  the right trade at the right time. The pre-requisite of a Jay-hook pattern requires a very strong percentage move in the first leg. The indecisive trading during the pullback, (witnessing a large number of spinning tops,) prepares the investor for the fact that the selling may merely be profit taking. Starting to accumulate stock as the Jay-hook is starting to curl back up increases the probabilities of participating in a high profit move.

Will all moves produce a 30% return in just a few days? Not always! But the probabilities of participating in those type of gains is dramatically in the investors favor if they know what the pattern set up represents. This is not rocket science. This is just putting Internet stock trading into quick visual analysis and utilizing candlestick signals in candlestick patterns for recognizing when a stock is positioned to move in your favor.


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