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November 10th Market Wrap-Up

Let the market tell you what the market is doing! This is the advice that the Japanese Rice traders have been professing for hundreds of years. Fortunately with candlestick analysis the graphics allow a candlestick investor to see with much more clarity what is occurring in the markets. This was evident over the past four months. The markets moved absolutely sideways. The graphic of candlestick's also showed the indecisiveness of the market occurred almost on a daily basis, up one day, down the next. Obviously, the indecisiveness was based upon not knowing what was going to occur in the national elections. Numerous talking heads were speculating on what would occur based upon who won the election. The most popular assessment was that if Trump won the election, the markets would crater. A major advantage of candlestick analysis allows an investor to cut through the verbiage rhetoric of the analysts. The markets have rallied strong after Trump was elected.

Not only does the market tell you which sectors to buy, it also tells you which sectors to sell. The candlestick charts reveal numerous sectors that are acting strong, such as the biotech's and the financials. The NASDAQ started selling off big today, indicating high tech stocks can be shorted. Gold prices were seen to turn bearish now that there is not a fear factor built into the markets. This allows for strong short positioning in the gold and mining areas. Candlestick analysis allows for identifying what the results of world events due to specific sectors immediately.


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