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November 17th Market Wrap-Up

The bullish trend appears to be in progress. Although the Dow has moved sideways over the past week, the NASDAQ has formed a bobble/J-hook pattern breaking out above the 50 day moving average and is currently trading very close to its highs. Understanding what patterns are created by human nature time after time allows investors to establish positions very early in a trend and with much more aggressiveness. Trend analysis can be applied to analyzing the overall market trend as well as individual trading entities. Logic dictates that if you can analyze that the overall market trend is going to continue in an upward direction, the analysis of individual stock positions becomes much more clear.

Candlestick analysis not only reveals when a trend reversal has occurred, but also which new trends are going to have the strongest upside potential. This is based upon identifying the reversal signals that illustrate excessive strength. This consists of kicker signals, frypan bottom breakout's, and best friend signals to name a few. Obviously, this allows the candlestick investor to be in the strongest uptrending stocks during a market uptrend.



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