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August 21st Market Direction

Even in the dog days of summer when everybody is on vacation and the rhetoric from Washington DC is not stimulating any buying or selling of the markets, simple scanning techniques using candlestick analysis still allows for the identification of which stocks are actually moving. When the markets do not have a definite direction, less than 20 minutes each day will allow an investor to identify the best long position chart patterns as well as the best short position chart patterns. Because candlestick analysis is based upon the most consistent market indicator in the world, human emotions, identifying the chart patterns that work over and over with a high probability of creating successful trades, the candlestick investor can constantly be putting trading funds in situations where the probabilities of being in a correct trade is highly in their favor. Additionally in improves the prospects of participating in big price move breakouts, not because an individual investor may have specific knowledge of why a stock price may be ready to have a big price move, but can identify the signals and or patterns that illustrate that somebody is buying or selling a specific stock position based upon knowledge they have. This relates to the simple professing of the Japanese Rice traders: prices move based upon the accumulative knowledge of everybody buying or selling during a specific time frame.

Having the ability to identify bullish and bearish patterns not only in stocks but also in the market in general as well as specific sectors allows investors to put all the stars in alignment. Candlestick scanning techniques identify which sectors are acting the strongest in a bullish market trend. Once that sector is identified, the same simple scanning techniques identify which stocks in that sector are providing the strongest signal and pattern potentials. Whether trading stocks or options, signal confirmations or pattern breakouts not only provide the identification of which direction a price move is likely to move, but also the exact entry point that will be most beneficial to take advantage of that price move.




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