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September 18th Market Direction

It can be assumed that many stocks will go up during an uptrending market. However, that is not necessarily true for all stocks. Candlestick chart analysis provides two major benefits for investors. First, candlestick signals and patterns reveal which stocks/sectors are moving in a bullish and/or bearish direction. This dramatically improves an investors probabilities of being in the correct positions at the correct time. But much more importantly, there are candlestick signal combinations that demonstrate the more powerful uptrend potentials. These top ranked signals and patterns make for a much stronger profitability when the market conditions are making most stocks moving in a positive direction. It allows investors to take advantage of the investor sentiment that creates huge profits.

Directing your attention to the candlestick signals that produce the largest potential profits provides a trading platform that when the trades do perform, the returns are very large. If the trades do not perform in the manner that creates huge profits, at least they have a high probability of producing reasonable profits. This creates a trading program that dramatically improves the probabilities that the majority of the positions in the portfolio are going to be profitable. Because of the expected results from candlestick signals and patterns, utilizing candlestick analysis greatly improves an investors discipline and learning process for consistently pulling profits out of the markets. Simple trading rules that are created by the candlestick signals develop much greater insights in analyzing price moves.




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