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Ocotber 5th Market Wrap-Up

How do you identify the high probability trades set ups? Candlestick signals demonstrate an extremely high probability reoccurring reaction to price movements. This was clearly illustrated in the NFLX chart recommendation. It had formed a bullish Harami right on the 50 day moving average. Because candlestick signals are the graphic depiction of what is occurring in investor sentiment right now, a bullish Harami on a major support level tells you exactly what investors are doing at that level. A bullish Harami indicates the selling has stopped. Wednesdays trading showed a gap up. The combination of a candlestick reversal signal followed by a gap up clearly demonstrates a dramatic change of investor sentiment. Knowing what should happen after a candlestick reversal signal allows the candlestick investor to anticipate what the next price move should be. The major advantage of candlestick analysis is it allows candlestick investors to anticipate what the next price move is going to do. Buying NFLX stock or options on the close yesterday provided a high probability/high profit trade set up. This is not magic. Investor sentiment moves the same way time after time, decade after decade, century after century. Human nature reacts the same way consistently. Candlestick analysis is merely the graphic analysis of what is going to happen in human nature as far as creating a price move.




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