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January 18th Market Wrap-Up

The health of the uptrend remains solidified by experiencing profit-taking along the way. Additionally, numerous talking heads on the financial news stations are projecting a pullback. Simple rule of thumb, but the more people expecting a pullback, the longer the uptrend will continue. The profit-taking becomes more evident based upon the color of the candlestick signals during the uptrend. The uptrend remains in progress as long as the indexes do not reveal a candlestick sell signal and a close below the T line. As long as there is no major change of investor sentiment, the high profit candlestick signals and patterns will continue to perform to their fullest. Take advantage of the candlestick patterns. Not only do they provide a high probability of direction but also the patterns usually produce much stronger profitability than merely an uptrending stock price.

Being able to identify very strong reversal signals, such as the bullish flutter kicker signal in BLUE, constantly put investors in the right trades at the right time. Because candlestick analysis is the graphic depiction of what is occurring in investor sentiment, witnessing candlestick signals right on major support and resistance levels immediately illustrates to the candlestick investor what the decisions were by most investors at those levels. Because the signals illustrate a high probability trend direction, candlestick investors have the huge benefit of producing profits because a high percentage of their positions are moving in the correct direction. Whereas most investors have portfolios were some positions are trading higher while other positions are trading lower, producing mediocre returns at best. The candlestick investor alleviates that problem by witnessing when a position is not working and moving those funds to a position that is working immediately.

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