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April 16th Market Direction

The T line continues to act as a ultimate trend indicator. Although the markets trade up one day, down the next day, the fact that the trading remains above the T line demonstrates the probabilities the Bulls are still in control, albeit mildly. The indexes are currently pushing on the 50 day moving average. Candlestick investors have the advantage of being able to analyze what the investor sentiment is producing each day in conjunction with the T line. This allows for establishing positions in the portfolio that produce the highest probabilities of profitable trading. The current uptrend suggests having a bias to the long side but also able to make profits with established short positions.

Simple candlestick scanning techniques allow investors to pinpoint which stocks are producing the strongest bullish or bearish trade opportunities. Out of the approximate 10,000 trading entities available, candlestick scans can produce the best trades in less than 20 minutes each afternoon. This is based upon a simple parameter. Candlestick signals are the graphics of the reoccurring human nature involved with investor sentiment. Because human nature reacts the same way time after time, the best trades set ups can be easily identified. Prices do not move based upon fundamentals. Prices move based upon the perception of fundamentals. Candlestick signals are merely the the graphic depiction of human nature.

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Good Investing,

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