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October 15th Market Direction

Has the market bottomed? A major advantage provided by candlestick signals is the ability to recognize which direction the market or a stock price will move with high probabilities. And the opposite is true! Candlestick charts will reveal when there is no direction. After the big selloff this past week, the past few trading days have not shown any direction. The graphics reveal there is no conviction of the Bulls or the Bears. There are times when sitting in cash is the prudent strategy. However, because of the top ranked candlestick signals and patterns, investors gain a huge advantage knowing what is occurring in individual stock prices based upon high probability signals. This allows for good profits to be made even when the overall market is not showing any direction. Simple candlestick scanning techniques identify where the money is moving into or out of. Currently, the bullish charts illustrated in gold make the gold sector a profitable trading area. Likewise, the prospects of marijuana be in approved for sale in Canada is making the weed stocks a strong sector.

When kicker signals or pattern breakouts are clearly illustrated with candlestick charts, big profits can still be produced when the overall market indexes are not showing any direction. With a supply of 10,000 trading entities, candlestick analysis will pinpoint the best bullish or bearish charts each afternoon in the matter of 10 minutes. This is based upon one simple premise, the graphics of investor sentiment consistently produce the same signals and patterns over and over.


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