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November 5th Market Direction

How do you play the elections? You don't! There is no way to analyze what will happen in the markets based upon going into the elections. What if the Democrats take over the house? What if the Republicans hold onto the house? And what will the market do when those results are in? Candlestick analysis provides two major facets. Many signals and patterns will show what will be the results with a high degree of probability. But there are also times when the markets are not going to give an indication based upon unknown results. However, the candlestick investor has the advantage of seeing immediately what the investment community thinks about the results. The candlestick charts will show what investor sentiment is indicating after results are in. Which ever party is in control, candlestick charts will reveal what the overall market decision is going to be as well as which sectors have the most bullish or bearish prospects based upon the new political structure.

What positions should you hold going into the elections? The candlestick patterns provide the safest and potentially the strongest profit potential. Candlestick patterns have been in the process of developing even with the expectation of the midterm elections coming up soon. There are numerous frypan bottom patterns working extremely well. Belt hold patterns are producing consistent profits. The candlestick investor has the advantage of placing funds in situations where the probabilities are greatly in their favor no matter what happens in external events. Numerous candlestick patterns provide both high probability and high profit results.


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