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January 10th Market Wrap-Up


If you listen to the news, the political rhetoric in Washington should have a very dampening a fact on the stock markets. However, analyzing the candlestick charts reveal bullish sentiment moving the markets backup over the past five trading days, indicating that investors are making their decisions based upon other parameters. The Japanese Rice traders always profess that you let the market tell you what the market is doing. That is the true indication of what is occurring in investment decisions. Candlestick charts reveal investor sentiment and a clear graphic depiction. Not only do they illustrate what the overall market is doing, but they can pinpoint which sectors are acting the most strong or the most weak. This improves the probabilities for candlestick investors to be in the right areas of the market. Additionally, the strong reversal signals, such as Doji sandwiches and bullish flutter kicker signals dramatically improve being in the right direction in individual stocks as well as being in the strongest price moves.

With all the conflicting news about the economy in general or specific stocks, i.e.AAPL, the candlestick charts demonstrate exactly what the investment decisions are based upon the analysis of the news. Simple analysis of signals and patterns in individual stocks dramatically improve the probabilities of continuing to produce profitable trades. Candlestick charts also improve an investors analysis of their own trading techniques. If you have a trading system that seems to work well, overlay candlestick charts onto your analysis, and it will greatly improve your analytical results. There are a big profits being made in this market, merely being in the strongest chart patterns during an uptrend.


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