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February 14th Market Wrap-Up

Candlestick charts illustrate much more information than merely the numeric trading of the markets. For example, today the Dow is down over 100 points. Bearish? Not with candlestick analysis. The low of today in the Dow use the T line as a support. It also closed as an indecisive/Doji type day. This demonstrates the lack of selling conviction, merely profit-taking. Add the analysis of the other indexes, all remaining above the T line, with the NASDAQ and the transportation index pushing higher toward the 200 day moving average. This becomes a vital level to see what investor sentiment will do at those levels. Investor sentiment will be easily analyzed by the type of signal that is created when indexes reach an observable potential resistance level. As long as the overall trend of the markets continue its slow but waffling uptrend, the candlestick investor can utilize that information to take advantage of the strong candlestick signals and patterns that are occurring in the uptrend.

Numerous bullish candlestick patterns provide places to put investment funds that are going to produce much greater profitability than merely uptrending stocks during an uptrend. Knowing which signals create the strongest potential uptrend allows the candlestick investor to participate in exorbitantly strong price moves. Recognizing which signals act the strongest and adding additional confirmation, such as strong signals off a support level, dramatically improves the probabilities of not only being in the right trade at the right time, but also being in a very strong price move at the right time. A kicker signal, as demonstrated in OMER today pinpoints which price moves may be producing huge returns over the next few days.

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