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February 28th Market Wrap-Up

The overall market trend can be easily assessed using simple candlestick parameters. Although the Dow has consolidated for the past four trading days, the Doji's illustrate the nature of the pullback, very indecisive. Additionally, the major indexes continue to trade above the T line, providing further confirmation that the bullish investor sentiment is still in control. When the markets are moving in a slow indecisive manner, the candlestick investor has the benefit of being able to identify which stocks/sectors are creating the best trade opportunities. Each individual stock will then be evaluated on the strength of the signal it is creating, with the knowledge that the overall market trend is not showing any dramatic selling pressure. This allows the candlestick investor to move to the most strongest bullish signals and patterns. This weekend training of the top ranked signals and patterns quantify which trade set ups are going to produce the highest probability/highest profitability trades.

The best friend signal, for example, which is a Doji followed by a gap up in price is one of the top ranked signals that produce extremely strong profitable trades. Once an investor understands the signals, which are based upon the force of investor sentiment, they put themselves in situations where the probabilities of being in a strong trade are greatly in their favor. This is due to the fact that prices move based upon investor sentiment, not merely fundamentals. A slow uptrend in the markets will make all boats rise. Analyzing the top ranked candlestick signals allows for investors to participate in the boats that are going to rise the fastest.


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