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April 11th Market Wrap-Up

The overall market trend has numerous visual pieces of evidence to illustrate the slow steady uptrend remains in progress. There is very simple candlestick analysis trend assessments. On days when the Dow is trading lower and the NASDAQ is trading higher provides logical evidence that there is no major change of the current investor sentiment in the market indexes, merely profit-taking or shifting of funds from one sector to another.



The nature of each daily candlestick formation also reveals the decisiveness or indecisiveness of the buying or selling in that index. Today, the Dow traded lower but eventually closed as an indecisive Doji. The NASDAQ traded lower but without creating any candlestick reversal signal, but most importantly it still is trading well above the T-line. Our triple T training on April 27 and 28 is going to be providing an in-depth illustration of how the T line, in conjunction with candlestick signals, dramatically improves an investors probabilities of being in a correct trade at the correct time as well as demonstrating when to stay in the trend and finally when to close out a position. The visual analysis of the major indexes, the Dow, the NASDAQ, the S&P 500, and the transportation index can be done in less than 15 seconds to gain an understanding of what the overall market trend is doing. Additionally, it allows the candlestick investor to pinpoint which areas are showing the most strength or showing consolidation. The transportation index continues to move up with good strength. This alone is a strong indication there is not any consensus selling in the markets. It also allows for directing the simple candlestick scanning techniques to identify the sectors/stocks that are participating in that specific market area.


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