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Each month Members receive a free video or e-book download to enhance their trading skills! The video selection below on the "Inverted Hammer" sells in our site for $34.77 but Members received for FREE. (example below does NOT have active links and is for illustration only)


Immediately upon your renewal date; a new training video is available in your Member Panel. 

Listed below in no particular order;

Major Candlestick Signals; Recognizing and understanding the major signals produces insight into market reversals. Retail price: $44.77

Projecting Price Targets; How to Project Accurate Price Targets. Step-by-Step Tutorial to Understand Price Targets. Retail price: $127.77

Morning Star & Evening Star Signals; Simple techniques to identify powerful profit producing signals. Retail Price: $49.77

J-Hook; The J-Hook Pattern, a full description of how to use the J-Hook pattern profitably. Retail Price: $55.77

Trend Analysis; Valuable Tool - Extremely Easy to Use to Identify profit-making opportunities. Retail Price: $277.00

Dynamic DojiOne of the most informative and revealing Candlestick Signals! Retail Price: $107.00

Candlestick Scans Using TC2000; Also works for TeleChart2005. Find the best trades in under 20 minutes. Retail Price: $34.97

Bullish Engulfing; The most effective signal for identifying trend reversals. Retail Price: $48.77

Bearish Engulfing Signal; The most effective signal for identifying trend reversals. Retail Price: $48.77

Fibonacci Trading Techniques; Easiest way to learn Fibonacci Trading Techniques Straightforward approach to applying Fibonacci Analysis. Retail Price: $37.77

Profitable Entry Exit Strategies; Using pre-open indicators to improve profits. Retail Price: $103.72

Setting Entry & Exit Points; 4 important scenarios that affects your trade decisions on the open. Retail Price: $103.72

Scanning Techniques to Higher Profits; Streamline your stock selections with this step-by-step scanning technique. Retail Price: $187.77

Harami Pattern; Invest in yourself - Learning this signal produces high probability trades! Retail Price: $50.77

Piercing Pattern; Remarkable results have been observed with this signal throughout Candlestick history. Retail Price: $39.77

Kicker Signals; This important candlestick signal can boost your returns. Retail Price: $49.77

Dark Cloud Cover; This Major Signal can greatly expand your opportunity for great returns. Retail Price: $48.77

Shooting Star; This is a great signal for finding Short Trades. Retail Price: $49.77

Hanging Man; Save your profits - learn to identify a possible end of an up-trend. Retail Price: $41.77

Hammer; The accuracy of this signal to predict trend reversals will amaze you. Retail Price: $50.77

Inverted Hammer; Maximize your investment returns with this High-Profit Candlestick Signal. Retail Price: $40.77

Scoop Pattern; The Scoop pattern fully described for it's identification and potential, using candlestick signals to maximize profits. Retail Price: $40.77

Stop Loss Strategies & Techniques; How to Cut your Losses Short and Let your Profits Run. Retail Price: $88.77

Gaps at the Top; Learn to exploit profits at the top of an up-trend. Retail Price: $69.77

Gaps at the Bottom; Gaps present opportunities for huge profits. Retail Price: $69.77

Major Moving Averages; The importance of candlestick signals at major moving averages. Retail Price: $88.77

Fry Pan Bottom; Become a master at identifying set ups for high profit trades. Retail Price: $55.77

Breakout Pattern; This training CD illustrates when it is time to get on board or to take profits. Retail Price: $69.77

Cradle Pattern & Belt Hold Pattern; Two easy to identify Candlestick Patterns combined on one training video. Retail Price: $59.77


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