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2016 calendar of E-Learning Online Webinars with Stephen Bigalow

The Candlestick Forum's Online Training Sessions are specifically designed to teach the individual investor how to profitably trade their own portfolios. The time-tested techniques of Japanese Candlestick Signals provide the security of projecting price direction with a higher degree of accuracy.

Investing success is completely dependent upon; placing the Odds in your Favor, and limiting any losses. These Online Training Sessions provide the tools for both.

Trading is a serious business and it is imperative that you establish your own trading education. Like any other business endeavor, continued education is an integral part of continued success. Trading strategies that work in one market environment may fall flat in a different market environment. That is the beauty of using Japanese Candlesticks, utilizing proven strategies that have worked for centuries.

For your own investment security, commit today toward developing your continuing education plans. The Candlestick Forum offers training for Beginners to Experienced investors through our E-Learning Online Workshops.

Learn to Trade from the comfort of your own home 

Comprehensive training sessions to take you from novice to pro in record time!

Click here for the  calendar of E-Learning Online Webinars with Stephen Bigalow


The truth is that I am pretty new to trading. First small trade ever
was 10/7/08. I was only semi serious by December and I took your class in late January. I find that you and Rick have very different styles but obviously a great deal of respect for each other. After the January class I felt kind of paralyzed by that dichotomy. And February was a pretty messy month for traders also. It took me weeks to make another trade. That said, the following months really were profitable beyond my wildest dreams.

Jeanne Price - Denver, CO

I trade in the Forex markets, and time and again I refer to the your slides from the 2 day clinic to offer me comfort on the trades. Without hesistation I can say that the lessons learnt have held me in good stead. I have learnt to ignore the news that flows 24/7 and just focus on the candles.

Sarath Chandran - Mississanga, Ontario

I attended the January Online Clinic. It was a birthday present to myself and one of my best presents ever. Steve and Rick provide professional presentations with real world applications. They cover actual charts and trades, including entries and exits. They explain why the trades worked or didn’t. Their methods, which have been perfected over the years in the markets provide a “Jump Start” to profitability. Their Online Clinic is the most efficient and economical training I have experienced in over 40 years of trading. It was
wonderful to sit in my own office, relaxed, drinking coffee while attending a professional seminar without the hassles of airlines and hotels.

As a result of the clinic, I joined both of their trading rooms and really appreciate listening and participating in their online communities during market hours. The rooms provide many watchful eyes on the market with thoughtful comments. It breaks up the solitary isolation of trading alone in your office and provides multiple viewpoints for consideration.

John Sloop - Dripping Springs, TX

Just a note to comment on the weekend webinar put on by Stephen Bigelow  on candlestick recognition and pattern trading...Quite simply, you will not get better value in market trading principles anywhere, for any price.

What may seem complicated is made simple, what you thought was hidden in the charts becomes obvious once these fellas open your eyes.

And, if you have attended before, no matter, you will always learn something new. Playbacks of the seminars are provided, so that one can review the material - and these guys are very willing to answer subsequent questions freely, openly, honestly, and clearly.

Believe me, it is quite easy to lose the price of tuition in the markets if one is not prepared...take my advice and consider investing in your education, before speculating. Or, you may find that you are contributing to someone else's retirement rather than your own!

Steve Grove - Barrow, AK



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