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06/22/2017 Guest Presentation with Price Headley

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Stock Chat - Thursday 06/22/17

In the course of the webinar, Price outlined his brand new FANG Options Trader service which uses Weekly Options to catch the quick multi-point moves on Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google.

This exclusive list of active stock names combined with our strict entry and exit rules (using a powerful ADX/DMI momentum indicator) allows us to focus our attention on catching the biggest trends for unlimited upside potential while ruthlessly cutting those trades that don't take off. In fact, FANG Options Trader has seen an average gain of 26.31% since August 1st, 2016 with the losses kept to just 11.31% which goes to show the benefits of letting your winners run while quickly cutting losers.

Subscribers can expect an average of 8 trades per month on FB, AMZN, AAPL, NFLX and GOOGL with all contract prices under $10 (with FB, AAPL and NFLX averaging under $5 per trade), holding periods of 1-3 days and no more than 2 trades open at any one time. By following such precise parameters, FANG Options Trader won't keep your capital tied up for too long and can even generate monthly income from these high-dollar names during periods of low premium like we've recently experienced.


FANG Options Trader is your chance to narrow your focus and hit consistent Weekly Options profits on the most active stocks but if you need evidence of how successful FANG Options Trader has been, take a look at some of the big gains recorded in the service over the last few months:


* +23% GAINS on NFLX August 92 Calls   

* +32% GAINS on FB September (Week 1) 121 Calls

+74% GAINS on FB September 124 Calls

* +88% GAINS on GOOGL September (Week 5) 802.5 Calls

* +47% GAINS on NFLX October (Week 4) 116 Calls

* +40% GAINS on GOOGL October (Week 4) 850 Calls

* +65% GAINS on GOOGL December 780 Calls

* +56% GAINS on AMZN February (Week 1) 852.5 Calls

* +32% GAINS on GOOGL February (Week 4) 837.5 Calls

* +36% GAINS on NFLX March (Week 2) 145 Puts

* +22% GAINS on NFLX March (Week 4) 139 Calls

* +28% GAINS on AAPL March (Week 4) 136 Calls

* +169% GAINS on AMZN April (Week 1) 852.5 Calls

* +48% GAINS on GOOGL April 845 Calls

* +102% GAINS on AAPL May (Week 2) 142 Calls

* +36% GAINS on FB June (Week 1) 146 Calls

* And many more besides!


Of course, not every trade will be a winner and past performance is no guarantee of future success but through a combination of expert stock picking and strict trade management, this system aims to keep its winners bigger than its losers in both percentage gain and frequency.


FANG Options Trader is perfect for traders of all levels who seek to catch and ride the big opportunities that buying Weekly Options on FANG stocks provides but if you are worried that you do not have the time to execute these quick moving trades, auto-trading is available with thinkorswim/TD Ameritrade and Avant-Garde Trading.

You will also receive weekly video updates on Monday evenings as well as having the option of unlimited e-mail support for any questions that may arise throughout your membership.

The list price for FANG Options Trader is $1,995 for a 12-month subscription but until Sunday, June 25th only, we are taking 70% off! 


However, not only is Price offering you $1,400 off the regular price but if you purchase 12 months of FANG Options Trader, Price will include our 100% Subscription Fee Guarantee!   


In a nutshell, you can try FANG Options Trader risk-free, safe in the knowledge that you can get your full $595 subscription fee back if our model FANG Options Trader portfolio loses money on all trades entered over the first 90 days of your subscription! And to add an extra layer of security, Price uses the average entry and exit prices reported to him by his auto-trading partners at thinkorswim/TD Ameritrade so that you can be sure of every trade result!


So you can get 12 months of FANG Options Trader with Price's iron-clad 100% Subscription Fee Guarantee for just $595!


But we're still not done there because if you purchase 12 months of FANG Options Trader today, you will also have the option of adding a second 12 months for an additional $300! That's 24 months for just $895!  


With an average of 8 trades a month for the next two years, this stunning low price equates to as little $4 a trade!


To put this value into perspective, if you started with a $10,000 trading account and placed $1,000 on every trade since August 1st, your account would be up $4,307 before commissions! That's a 43% portfolio gain in just 10 months and would be enough to cover the 24-month subscription fee almost 5 times over!


Click Here or Call 800-244-8736 to Get 12 Months of FANG Options Trader with Price's 100% Subscription Fee Guarantee for Just $595 or Get 24 Months for Only $895!


However, this special low price is only available until midnight ET on Sunday, June 25th with the annual subscription fee returning to $1,995 at that point. Don't let these savings pass you by!


Few individual traders possess the skills, knowledge and ability to profitably trade options by themselves. Instead of wondering what's next for the market, invest in a time-tested strategy that is executed by professional traders. Sign up for our FANG Options Trader today!

Good Investing! 


Stephen W. Bigalow

and The Candlestick Forum Team 


P.S. Want to try FANG Options Trader for a shorter period before signing up for a long-term subscription? Then why not purchase a 3-month subscription to FANG Options Trader for just $199? What's more is that if the service is a good fit, you can upgrade to the 24-month package for an additional $696 within your first 30 days of membership!































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