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01/31/2019 Stock Chat with Guest Speaker A.J. Brown

In order to download click on the link below, once on the video page you will right click on the video then hit "download" to save to your files.

Stock Chat - Thursday 01/31/19



Here are just a few things that were covered in yesterday's workshop:

  • How can options be traded for income?

  • Why the income grows exponentially, not linearly, with time.

  • The 3 Simple Steps to setting up these trades

  • How to build in "safeties" into your trades so your risk is less.

PLUS a whole LOT More!


It is incredible that with options we can architect investments that work just like a savings account or certificate of deposit. We put the money in. As time goes by, the interest accrues.


There are two big differences from putting your money in a saving account or CD versus doing an investment like A.J. showed. With the trades A.J. demonstrated during the workshop, the profits are much higher... Like 72 times higher! Instead of 2% per year with a CD (if you're lucky). He was showing how we could make 12% or more per month!


Also, A.J. showed us that the profits accrue exponentially, not linearly. The longer we have the trades going, the more we make! It might be 12% the first month. The second month won't be 24%, it could be closer to 50%. By the time three or four months have gone by, we could have investments that have more than doubled!


A highlight from the webinar is that A.J. introduced his "Instant Income Calendar" screener software. This amazing software sifts through hundreds of thousands of combinations and permutations to find the best combination of options to invest in that return massive reward with the least amount of risk. This software is an amazing time saver. A.J. also showed us how much and in all the different ways he gives support to people who sign up to use his software. He has it set up where he will virtually hold your hand through your first investments if you want him to. I have never seen that offered before!


See what all this buzz is about. Watch the replay.






Have a great day and please enjoy.


Good Investing!


Stephen W. Bigalow

and The Candlestick Forum Team


P.S. Check out the entire workshop replay before we take down the replay. A.J. showed us in his portfolio that he had trades that made 43% in just over two months in Yandex, 21% in just 20 days on Caesars Entertainment and 15% in 34 days on Activision. Watch the REPLAY and find out how it is done!



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