Affiliate Frequently Asked Questions

Does my website need e-commerce capabilities?
No. Since all orders are processed through our site, the e-commerce is provided by us.

How do you know the orders came from my site?
The links provided to you in the Affiliates Control Panel include a unique “identifier code” which allows us to follow your sales.

Who handles customer service questions?
We do. Once your links to our site generate a sale, there is nothing left for you to do but sit back and wait for your check.

Can I receive commissions on my own purchases?
Absolutely! Place your order by beginning from the link in your site to ours and earn commissions for your own purchases.

Do I have to own a website to participate in the Candlestick Forum Affiliate Program?
Not at all! On the application page, type in in the Website URL.  The banners and links contain your Affiliate Code and are easily used in e-mail campaigns. If you are unfamiliar with the process to promote Affiliate sales without a website, contact our office for assistance. Toll free – 1-866-251-4015 or email

Where should I place my links?
Anywhere you wish. Some of our Affiliates place the links on their home page, while others have them in their product or shopping cart areas. You might also Add A Link to our site in your Links Directory with your Affiliate Code.

Can I use your content on my website?
You are welcome to use our product descriptions in your site. Remember our free RSS feeds are a great way to add content to your site. These articles are optimized for search engines and provide easy lead generations for your Affiliate sales.

Is there any cost to join?
None at all! That is the beauty of Affiliate Programs!

Why should I join?
For website owners, content is King, our RSS articles are a great way to build your site.
Receive cash payouts for sales by your visitors coming into our site from yours.
Get paid for products you purchase for your own personal use. That’s the same as a 25% discount off your purchase.

Why is the commission for one of Stephen Bigalow’s books not set at the same 25% commission payout?
Wiley Publisher’s restrictions prohibit us from allowing any higher payouts for this books.

Still have questions?
Feel free to contact us via our toll free phone line @866-251-4015 or email

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