Cradle Pattern

Cradle Pattern Illustration

Candlestick Cradle Pattern

Cradle Pattern

The Cradle Pattern is a variation of the series of Doji at the bottom. It is aptly named, in that it looks like a ‘cradle’. This makes the Cradle Pattern an easily identified reversal pattern. It begins with the same visual alert found in most candlestick bottoming signals; a large Bearish candle at the bottom of a downtrend. This illustrates the extensive selling at the bottom. The following day shows a candlestick signal such as a Doji, Spinning Top, Harami, Hammer, or Inverted Hammer, indicating that the selling had stopped. Now the candlestick investor should be watching for a Confirmation ‘Buy’ Candlestick Signal. Keep in mind, the small indecisive trading signals may occur for a number of days before the ‘buy’ signal appears.

The Cradle Pattern reveals investor sentiment. If the large dark candle is considered the headboard, the Bullish candle becomes the foot board. The Cradle Pattern formation is now hanging at the bottom, implying that the trend should move up from this level.

The Cradle Pattern was first introduced by Stephen Bigalow in his second book titled

High Profit Candlestick Patterns; Turning Investor Sentiment into High Profits

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