Selling Stock

Not only is it important to know when you should buy stock, but you obviously need to know when you should sell stock as well. In today’s article we discuss a few reasons why an investor may want to sell their stock when investing in the stock market.

One reason an investor may choose to sell their stock is if they determine that the stock is overvalued. It is important to study the market and analyze the value of your stock so that you don’t end up losing big. Often times, stocks are pushed past their true value only then to fall in value significantly. The goal when stock investing and selling stock, is to sell a stock when it is over valued and then buy the stock back after the market has had a chance to correct itself. This is not exactly easy to do as this takes accurate knowledge of pricing in the stock market as well as consistency, however many stock traders and stock investors are able to make a significant profit.

Another reason that investors opt to sell stock is when they decide to rebalance their stock portfolio. Perhaps financial circumstances have changed and the ratio of stocks to bonds to cash needs to be adjusted. Selling stock is one way to do this and the investor must be sure that not only is selling the stock profitable, but that his or her investment portfolio is still well diversified afterwards.

The last reason for selling stock that we discuss today may be for personal reasons. Perhaps you have some major unexpected bills and you need some cash in hand. This is especially relevant in the current economy and many investors are reevaluating their asset allocation as a result. This is a good time to determine which stocks may be under-performing. Liquidating stocks to pay bills should of course be a last result, but it is one option that some individuals these days have to do.

There are many additional reasons for selling stock in addition to the above. Investors should look elsewhere first before using money that is tied up in investments in the stock market and they must be sure that they understand the consequences. It is not the end of the world is it is necessary, and once the economy and most individuals’ financial circumstances change, there will be more opportunities to invest in stocks in the future.

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