Stock Market Investing Software Is Not Required with Candlestick Analysis

Stock market investing software is constantly searched for. Everybody wants a stock market investing software that will solve their investment problems. Unfortunately, there is not a stock market investing software that will solve investment problems. Candlestick signals provide the information needed for extracting consistent profits out of the markets. If you learn how to use candlestick signals effectively, you will not need to depend on any stock market investing software ever again. The information conveyed in candlestick signals allows an investor to evaluate all markets and all market conditions. Most stock market investing software works well in specific market conditions but not in others.

Analyzing what the signals reveal creates a foundation for understanding what market trends are doing at any given time. Having the ability to mentally anticipate what the signals are revealing for the future is a much stronger investment format than depending on stock market investing software. The candlestick signals revealed in the Dow, in this recent market trend, has allowed investors to partake in some very strong stock moves. Having the ability to anticipate what should occur after a candlestick signal, produces opportunities to take profits at the best times or to continue holding a position when a confirmation signal does not occur. Evaluating what to do based upon the candlestick signals is  the application of common sense. What should occur after a candlestick reversal signal? Knowing that information permits an investor to close out a trade or not close out a trade, whichever is indicated after the signal occurs.

Analyzing the patterns and the potential targets that a price should produce becomes much more accurate when utilizing the signals. What should occur in an uptrend when an overbought condition reveals a candlestick sell signal? Confirmation of the sellers taking over. What should be construed if there is no selling confirmation? That the trend is still in existence. Using some very simple techniques in candlestick analysis keeps an investor from closing out a position too early. Non-confirmation of a candlestick signal reveals as much important information as confirmation of that signal. If you learn the 12 major signals, and what should occur upon seeing those signals, then an investor’s investment abilities become dramatically enhanced. Click here for the 12 major signals package now available in quick download.

When to take profits – One of the huge benefits provided by candlestick signals is illustrating very simple stop loss techniques. These stop loss techniques can help an investor take profits at the logical areas. One of the biggest problems for most investors is knowing when it is time to sell. The candlestick signals allow for some simple stop loss techniques. As illustrated in the ERS chart, the price had moved dramatically over the past few months. When would be time to sell? The same question is asked when a stock price is heading straight down. When is it time to buy?  The same rationale is applied for either question.

One simple technique can be applied to an uptrending stock. When does the exuberant buying appear in a stock price? When you get near the top. What illustrates the exuberant buying is coming in? Witnessing gap up in price in the overbought conditions. One simple stop loss technique when seeing a gap up in price in an overbought condition is to put your stop at levels that would indicate a high probability that a candlestick sell signal could form. For example, if  price gaps up in the overbought area and continues to go higher, put your stop loss at the open price. If it gaps up in price and immediately starts selling off, put your stop loss at the previous day’s close. The rationale for these levels would be that if the price came back down through those levels, there is a high probability that a candlestick sell signal can occur. Even if the price came down through those levels and then went back up, the probability of a doji or a hanging man signal could occur.

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