Stock Price Analysis

Stock price analysis lies at the root of profitable stock trading. Stock traders profit from buying stock, selling stocktrading stock options, and trading futures on stocks. Traders profit from the price difference between entering a stock position and exiting. Thus stock price analysis is essential. Long term investing relies upon an analysis of the margin of safety of a stock and intrinsic stock value. However, buying a promising stock that has already run up in stock price can greatly diminish profits. Thus stock price analysis can be as important for the long term investor as it is for the day trader. Both long term investors and traders can profit from the use of Candlestick analysis. This easy to read technical analysis tool allows traders to execute trades with a high statistical probability of success without falling prey to the twin stock market trading demons of fear and greed.

Stock price analysis can be carried out with the long view in mind and with an eye towards minute by minute day trading profits. A conservative investor may wish to have a couple of dividend stocks in his stock portfolio. Using stock price analysis he will often buy these stocks when interest rates are high because the stock prices of dividend stocks will commonly be low at these times. When interest rates fall the investor will have the choice of continuing to receive dividends or selling the dividend stock at the now-higher stock price. On the other hand the day trader will commonly use Candlestick stock charts in order to anticipate short and medium term stock price fluctuations. Although the long term investor will commonly prefer a very stable and predictable stock the trader will commonly look for stock volatility and market volatility which picking stocks in search of short term trading profits.

It is common for successful investors to use technical analysis tools such as Candlestick patterns in choose if and when to purchase a stock. The long term investor will look for stocks with strong forward looking earnings potential as well as the margin of safety that cash in the bank and unencumbered physical assets represent. However, such stocks are often highly priced as investors are willing to pay for the promise and security that the stock offers. Thus an astute investor will often pass on such otherwise promising stock after seeing its high price to earnings ratio or high price to sales ratio. Here is where tools such as Candlestick pattern formations come to the aid of the long term investor. Even very stable and successful companies see their stock prices fluctuate during stock market crashes, rumors of mergers and acquisitions, or news of a new product coming out from a competitor. By using Candlestick signals for stock price analysis the long term investor will commonly be able to gain market insight during times of high price volatility and successfully purchase the stock in question on a short term correction. Whether one is interested in long term investing or trading for short term profits, stock price analysis with Japanese Candlesticks gives one a high statistical probability of success without the confusion and mistakes that the psychology of trading can bring about.

Market Direction

Has the downtrend reversed? Has the candlestick signals revealed reversal signals? Although the markets are still in a slow down trend, there have been candlestick reversal signals being formed at these levels. That is providing valuable information. It is visually revealing that buyers are starting to step in at these levels. There are very simple strategies that allow investors to be positioned correctly if a transition in the market trend is starting to take place. 

Private training sessions – August 2011 – It is often asked what are the benefits of attending a private training session. There is a definite benefit to learning candlestick signals and patterns and the related factors surrounding candlesticks that produce consistent profits. These private training sessions, consisting of three or four traders being instructed by Stephen W Bigalow allow for very concise demonstrations and answers to one’s personal questions. Have you ever gone through a training session where your questions were quite answered to where you fully understood? And then the remaining portion of the training session was a little bit hazy because you weren’t fully understanding a specific aspect? A private training session consists of two solid days of viewing and understanding how candlestick analysis works effectively. You will not be provided with information that you have to figure out how to use correctly. You will be instructed in how to use candlestick signals correctly. You do not believe the training with any un-answered questions in your mind.

When you see how candlestick analysis is derived from common sense investment practices, your concept on how to invest correctly is completely altered. You will understand how to buy at the bottoms when everybody else is selling and selling at the tops when everybody else is buying. You will learn how to scan for the high probability/high profit trades. You will learn how to automatically set your stop loss procedures without having any emotional attachment. The learning process is not a “drum into your head” memorization process. Stephen Bigalow shows you how to interpret high profit trading patterns as a natural visual perspective. What makes it even better is the learning environment. The teaching process is done on a porch reviewing charts while also enjoying the clear waters of Keuka Lake, a beautiful Finger Lake of New York State. Breaks do not consist of getting a drink at the water fountain in the hallway of a stark hotel. Breaks at these training sessions consist of taking a dip in the cool and refreshing waters of the lake. The learning process does not end away from the computer screens. Investors can continue to ask questions and get answers from Mr. Bigalow at some of the best wineries in the nation or at dinner in a historic hotel restaurant overlooking the lake.

When you finish a candlestick training session, you will have gained a completely different perspective on what makes consistent profits in the markets. You become a controller of your investments versus the markets controlling you. Do not miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into the most proven investment program in the world. The nuances of 400 years of candlestick observations, when conveyed to you in very pleasant surroundings, allows you to go home and make consistent returns. These training sessions are an excellent getaway for bringing your spouse and having them enjoy the attractions of the New York’s Finger Lakes region. Seats are obviously very limited. We will have this item posted in our site on Friday.

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