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The Free Resources area is designed to allow you to easily find all the Japanese Candlestick Patterns by Major SignalsSecondary Signals, and Continuation Patterns. Additionally, each category lists a link to the specific signal or pattern and provides the image and trading criteria in a printable format. Learn stock market investing quick and easy!

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Learning the stock market just got easier. Join Stephen W. Bigalow for weekly stock chat sessions. See the stock charts and learn stock market investing with Japanese Candlesticks. The stock market for beginners can be overwhelming. Investing in the stock market involves technical analysis of stock charts. More individual investors are turning to candlestick charts for day trading and long term market analysis.  Join Stephen Bigalow each week for  free market analysis through Stock Chat. Weekly sessions include audio/video presentations on candlestick technical trading and includes a 30 minute question and answer session. Recorded archives are available for review for individuals unable to join live due to time conflicts.

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The publication utilizes the capabilities of the Candlestick signals to quickly analyze all investment vehicles. Stephen W. Bigalow’s years of Candlestick analysis experience produces an easy to read, concise evaluation of market direction. Accurate evaluations are assessed to the Dow, the Nasdaq, S&P, bonds, metals, currencies, all market entities that allow an investor to project future price movements. Having this knowledge presented in a clear format allows the investor to formulate concise decisions.


Learn how the signals identify the big price moves. Read about the psychology behind a price move attributed to the strength of a signal. Each newsletter will include interesting and profitable elements of a signal formation. You get valuable insights into why a price move occurred. This acts as an excellent preparation for identifying the next big profit situation.


Follow how situations in the news media can affect your profits, profits created by media reports causing panic selling and exuberant buying provide excellent profit taking opportunities. Stay apprised of government and business decisions.

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