Private Training Sessions for Small Groups

Scheduling for  August 9th- 12th  Sessions fill quickly – Resister early

Hold onto your hat because Stephen Bigalow’s private training sessions are mind-frying!  Two intense days of education beyond compare. Your ability to see the best trading opportunities will excel and he will alter your investment perceptions forever! All Session Graduates receive 12 months of free membership to the Candlestick Trading Forum.

Location of the private training will be located at the beautiful shores of Keuka Lake in the finger Lakes of upstate New York.

Session Outline

All the materials covered in our Candlestick Analysis Technician – Level 1
plus individualized training where YOU set the pace. No waiting for Q&A periods, ask-as-you-go  where YOU need it!

After the first day you will be able to:

  • Identify the best possible signals
  • Identify false signals and how to avoid them
  • Learn the psychology that developed the signals
  • Gain important insights into the sentiment of the investing community
  • Establish the correct parameters for the best possible profitable trades
  • Analyze the market indexes and correlate them to high profit trade strategies
  • Learn to enter positions to maximize profit probabilities
  • Use the discipline to eliminate emotion and common investing mistakes

At the end of this day you will surely work up a healthy appetite. Join Mr. Bigalow, as his guest, for some tasty cuisine! 

Day 2 – Morning Session

Candlestick Analysis Technician – Level 2 – Advanced Chartist
Advanced Pattern Recognition
Combining Candlesticks with other Technical Indicators
Candlestick Applications in other trading entities
After this session, you will be able to:

  • Learn the high profit trading patterns with the incorporation of Candlesticks
  • Trade commodities and futures with total confidence using Candlestick Analysis
  • Eliminate emotion from your investing, using the Candlestick portfolio cultivation program
  • Dissect investor psychology – learn how to identify high profit trade set-ups
  • Combine your existing trading system with very extensive stock trading search software

Day 2 – Afternoon Session – Bringing it all together

Mesh your Candlestick trading techniques into your specific trading system best suited to your lifestyle and portfolio size. This is where semi-private sessions provide the opportunity to work with Steve, and your intimate trading group, for devising a personalized game plan.

You may feel overwhelmed with all the information covered over this 2-Day workshop. You should not expect to become proficient in one weekend. The main goal is to train your thought process to recognize profitable trade opportunities. Over the next six months, you will improve your profitable trade ratio immensely as a  Member of the Candlestick Trading Forum. (Your workshop fee includes six months of free membership) Continue to work with the support of Steve and fellow Candlestick Analysis Technicians in our Members Only Live Trading Room.

Once you have learned the Candlestick investing concept, your investment perspectives will be dramatically altered. The two day concentration of learning the Japanese Candlestick method will advance your investment results by many months. Gone will be the “hoping” that the next trade will work. It will become an expectation that the majority of your trades will produce profits, a function of probabilities. You will go to sleep at night anticipating the signals will produce a profitable day for your portfolio the next day.

The culmination of information revealed to you over the weekend will be the basis for your being able to produce 5% to 10% monthly returns. These are returns that you will not ever receive if you rely upon the “normal” Wall Street advice. Keep in mind, the Japanese rice traders who developed the original Candlestick trading method made fortunes that dwarfed those of the lords of Japan. This is not an ordinary investment concept!

Steve sends you home with plenty of reference materials to reinforce your weekend session. 

Over $1,600 worth of training products included in the $4,900 training fee.

Steve’s 2-Day Training Seminar Downloadable Videos

Candlestick Analysis Technician CD Set
High Profit Candlestick Patterns

Your autographed copy of Steve’s book.

Candlestick Major Signals Mouse Pad  

The Major Signals Mouse Pad

Trading Rules to Successful Profits EBook  

Trading Rules to Successful Profits


12 months membership to The Candlestick Forum

These sessions fill quickly!

Contact our office as soon as possible to reserve your seat or call 1-866-251-4015

Registration fee includes; lunch and dinner with Stephen Bigalow. Air travel, transportation fees and Hotel not included. (Please check with us if you would like information for Hotel accommodations.)

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