Stock Screening with Candlestick Signals

Stock screening simplified with candlestick signals Successful stock screening is the goal for the technical investor. The ultimate stock screening program is one that can go through 9,900 trading entities every day to find the best potential trades. This process should be done quickly and efficiently.  The primary attribute of candlestick signals is the ability of  stock screening for the best trades each day in the matter of minutes. Candlestick signals reveal where buying and selling is occurring right now. Most investors do not have access or can not afford large research capabilities. It is impossible to set up a stock screening program that can follow occurrences in every sector/stock. Japanese Rice traders utilized the information built into candlestick signals to accomplish one major facet of investing, learning where the money was moving to and from.

Candlestick signals  identify where  investors are becoming interested in future potential. Utilizing the 12 major candlestick signals allows an investor to quickly pin point where sentiment is  dramatically changing. This can be a bullish identification or a bearish identification. The ability to visually recognize new strengths or weaknesses coming into a trend becomes an extremely powerful investment tool.  Fortunately learning to recognize the 12 major signals is a very easy process.  Better yet, knowing what investor sentiment  created the signal develops very strong insights into why prices move. Click here for details on  this weeks 12 CD training special.

Using formulas  to identify candlestick signals makes stock screening very simple  for the technical trader; candlestick signals make finding correct trades a very logical process.  The signals have proven themselves for hundreds of years. Recognizing reversal signals allows an investor to participate in historically proven  high profit situations.  For the fundamental investor, the candlestick signals are a stock screening alert system.  It brings attention to the stocks or sectors that are now being recognized by the smart money.  For those investors that do not have access to large research sources, the signals become the stimulus to concentrate research capabilities into the  stocks or sectors that have now shown a change of investor sentiment. Being able to recognize a major reversal signal becomes the impetus to research the reasons why that stock/sector is now gaining interest.

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