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The Candlestick Forum provides the ultimate trading environment. Giving the individual investor essential tools to profit in any market! Trade with Stephen Bigalow and our active member community.


Stock Chat
Stock Chat is a weekly live internet presentation provided by Stephen Bigalow. These interactive sessions begin with reviewing current market conditions, and charts of interest. Mr. Bigalow illustrates ‘charts of interest’ poised to make profitable trading candidates. A Question and Answer period at the end of each session where YOU may ask for review of specific trades and answers to questions on technical analysis. Click HERE for more details.

Free Newsletters
Timely market advice provided completely free of charge or obligation! Twice weekly publications for evaluations of the DOW, NASDAQ, S&P, Bonds, and other market entities. Each newsletter includes interesting and profitable elements of candlestick signal formations with insights into why a price move occurred. Plus, alerts for upcoming free webinars and website specials. Who knows, perhaps one of these articles will change your financial future! Your email address is kept strictly confidential and will never be sold, traded, or shared with any third party. To signup, scroll up to the top of your screen and enter your email address in the ‘Free Newsletter” field – PLUS, Receive free download.

Free Resources
Your One-Stop Shop for Japanese Candlesticks! This area is packed with all the ‘How To Trade’ details for each candlestick signal. The basics of Japanese Candlesticks, the Twelve Major Candlestick Patterns, Secondary Signals, and Continuation Patterns. All the signals include illustrations, pattern recognition, psychology behind the pattern and related articles. Each Signal ready to Print and save for Quick Reference! Click HERE to go to Free Resources.

Daily Stock Market Reports
Start your trading day with Stephen Bigalow’s market comments to know where the stock market is heading. Plus, Monthly Archives of Steve’s Personal Trading Diary. See what goes into his analysis in search of profitable trades. Click HERE to go to Daily Stock Market Reports.

Events and Training
Mr. Bigalow gladly supports trading clubs and frequently accepts invitations to speak. Keep track of upcoming locations in your area. Look for announcements for Where in the Heck is Stephen Bigalow, he may be attending an event in your area. Click HERE to go to Events & Training.

Discussion Forum
Enter the Discussion Forum and enjoy a community of traders, helping each other! This is open to the public and one of our most popular free formats where fellow traders share hot tips and trading techniques. Always open!


Live Trading Room
This active Trading Room is reserved for Members’ Only. Our Moderated Internet Stock Chat provides the perfect format for success. Stephen Bigalow begins just before the Opening Bell with a brief pre-market review, open positions review, and is available for specific questions during the first and last hours of the trading day. Our Moderator shares charts of interest as new trading opportunities developed during the day. This Live audio/video chat room is active with serious traders sharing their techniques and is included in all membership subscriptions. There are NO additional license fees or charges for accessing the HotComm Platform. (If you have already joined us for our FREE open Stock Chat on Thursday evenings, the Members’ Trading Room is the same HotComm Platform.)

Daily Market Comments
Not everyone can be online live during the market hours. (Darn those pesky Day Jobs!) Access the morning and afternoon member market Comments for a brief summary of market conditions and important updates on open stock positions.

Daily Stock Picks
Chosen by Stephen Bigalow as the best trade potentials for the day. These are more than simple  ‘buy and sell’ XYZ – Every market day Steve selects 2 -3 of his favorite stocks. Presented in a ‘Flash’ video to illustrate the setup with instructions for entry points and stop loss settings.

Long Term Stock Picks
One Long-Term Stock Pick is selected each month for consideration to add to your portfolio. The same format as our Daily Picks but geared for a longer holding period. And, like our our Stock Picks, Steve reviews these during the weekly Member Only Stock Chat.

Stock Chat
Members receive a private – Members’ Only Stock Chat each week. These sessions run approximately one hour and typically held on Monday evenings at 7PM ET. An invaluable hour to ask Steve to review any stock chart and answer specific trading questions. The first 30-minutes Steve provides a market overview and updates on open Stock Picks. There are ‘Bonus’ Stock Chats from time-to-time with Guest Speakers to introduce new trading techniques. Plus, our Moderator frequently adds a special Sunday night session for planning for the week ahead. All Stock Chat sessions are recorded and available for playback within 24 hours.

Commodity Picks
One Commodity Pick each month with ‘Flash’ video review provided by Stephen Bigalow. If you are new to commodities this will give you a great training ground. Commodities do not move the same as the stock market and on occassion when the previous Commodity Pick is still going strong, we continue before selecting a new one.

Open Position Followup
There are two formats available to review open Stock Picks – A ‘Flash’ video is available for an audio/video review of all open positions – OR – You may choose to select a ‘Text Only’ format for print-out.

Position Summary Table
All open Stock Picks are formatted into a spreadsheet and can be sorted by all column headings that allow you to review new, open, or closed Stock Picks. This provides for quick sorting by Symbol, Date, Long or Short Positions, Entry Range, Stop Loss, Position Status (new – hold – closed – not executed), and Action Alerts. As an added feature, click on each stock symbol for quick direct to the ‘text’ followup.

Free Video of the Month
Each Month Members receive a new Product for Quick-Download – FREE as part of membership subscription. The schedule below lists the FREE Member Downloads for 2007

Member Video Schedule 2007
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