Stock Market Movers or Stock Market Stinkers?

Stock Market Movers – don’t get me on a rant! I tried to find relevant advice for finding these gems of the market. Instead, I found a plethora of websites proudly displaying nothingzipnada to assist an investor on furthering their education. Please, just a little tidbit that evenly remotely relates to stock market movers would be nice! But NO, the ever increasing familiar lists of everything from Art to Sports and how did anyone work in Stock market movers into a Home and Garden website. Somebody help me! I’ve experienced the same frustration of the rest of the internet community and this website continues to provide FREE, on-going, training materials to help anyone find stock market movers with high profit potential.

Stock Market Movers are easier to spot with candlestick patterns. Stock research for finding stock market movers can become very complex. However, the trained candlestick investor sees the familiar candlestick patterns and immediately knows whether a specific stock pattern merits any further of his time and attention. Some so-called stock market movers turn out to be stock market stinkers!  You can surf the net looking for stock market movers or you can spend your time learning candlestick signals. My vote is obvious, check our website each week, we promise to continue to deliver new training material. Learn the Candlestick Signals. Below is a favorite pattern, which demonstrates some very anxious sellers.

Trading the Three Identical Crows Pattern

3 Identical Crows

Three Identical Crows


The Three Identical Crows have the same criteria as the Three Black Crows. The difference is that the opens are at the previous day’s close.


  1. Three long black bodies occur, all of close to equal lengths.
  2. The prior trend should have been up.
  3. Each day opens at the close of the previous day.
  4. Each day closes near its low.

Pattern Psychology

After an uptrend a long black candle forms. However, the selling is more sever. There do not appear to be any buyers at the next day’s open. The long black candles, having a stair-stepping pattern to them, indicates a much greater motivation to get out of the position.

Training Tutorial

Candlestickforum Flash Cards  These unique Flash Cards will allow you to be “trading like the Pro’s” in no time.

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